About Us

Every new product comes about for a reason.  Form, function, or just plain FUN!  Here is the story behind Chad Anger, creator of Mungi Bands- 

"Last year after buying yet another pack of wrist bands for my girls, I noticed that the girls always wanted the bands that expressed their interests, but the only time the bands were expressing anything they were off of their wrist and on the counter or floor.  This got my wheels turning about how we could make bands fun and encourage trading, which was the most fun part about the other bandz on the market.  We explored some ideas, but it wasn't until we cut some jelly bands and glued magnets on the end that the REAL fun began!  My girls lit up with excitement when I handed them over, it was so fun to see!  I could see their minds turn on experimenting with the different materials that magnets reacted to, and they begged for more to share with their friends at school, so I knew I had my work cut out for me.

The girls and I began looking at different designs, and we had a few prototypes made locally.  Once I received the first prototypes I knew the girls were going to love it, and they did!  The more people we shared them with, the more people asked where they could buy some.  We even had kids try to buy the prototypes with their allowance!  This is when we knew that we had a cool idea on our hands.  

After attending the ASD show in Las Vegas with the first prototypes we had gathered enough interest to feel it was a good idea to take these to market.  Since then we attended the NY Toy Fair where we secured a large number of pre-orders and secured some International Distribution.  

All of this has been done while working full time to support my at-home wife and the family.  Hope you like what you see, this is just the beginning!"

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