Board of Directors


Chad Anger - President

            I am a graduate from the State University of New York at Fredonia and have spent most of my career in sales and management, but have mentally been a business owner all my life.

            My involvement with Mungi Bands has been from the beginning as the inventor I had to ensure that this was the right product to take a chance with.   With the response I received from my kids and their friends I knew that I had something special.  Reading, learning, and absorbing as much information to teach myself along the way, as well as networking to the right connections have helped me get Mungi Brands to where it is today.    

            Staying true to your beliefs and morals and not being afraid to take a chance when needed has helped me through the ups and downs that every business experiences.  Being an inspiration to others and showing people that you can achieve anything you want is rewarding, but when that person is your own kids or any kid for that matter, is priceless!  Thank you to all the people that believed in me!

Chris Goulet - Chief Operating Officer

            Christopher Goulet is a 29 year old entrepreneur living in the wonderful town of Wilmington, NC.  His entrepreneurial background began upon graduation from UNCW with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration concentrated in Finance.  After developing the Business Plan for a new product for Guitarists, his professor gave him the push to follow the idea to completion and The Rock Lock Company was formed.  After a brief development period the product was launched, and Chris knew that starting and procuring businesses was a most interesting way to make a living.

            In May of 2011 Goulet met current business partner and Mungi Brand’s Founder Chad Anger at a Rocket Pitch, an amazing platform headed by the UNCW Entrepreneurship Center to help start-ups and seed stage companies find strategic partners and investors.  After a few casual lunch meetings Chad offered Goulet the opportunity to invest some time and effort in exchange for a minority stake in Mungi Brands, and the two have been working together to build Mungi Brand’s since.


            Goulet joined Mungi Brand’s in June of 2012 as COO, and continues to enjoy working with Chad and their Board of Directors to build Mungi Band’s into a household name.

Randy Schwartz - Chief Financial Officer  

           Randy Swartz has been a leader of various global organizations during a career span of more than 25 years. Mr. Swartz has served as the CEO of two international companies in addition to leadership positions in manufacturing, marketing/sales, financial management, product research and development, and engineering/ construction. His company affiliations have included DuPont, Day & Zimmermann International (CEO), CH2MHill, BE&K, and Chemtex International (CEO).  Randy served for three years as the membership chairman for the national Construction Industry Institute. He has also been honored by the Georgia Institute of Technology as one of their "Distinguished Alumni". Randy has always taken pride in building a team of people to develop and implement a clearly defined strategy to reach extraordinary business and personal results. He knows many people in the business world and has placed many people into responsible positions in various companies.  Today he is the majority owner of two international executive recruiting and staffing companies, owns a company that makes angel and real estate investments, and performs management consulting on a part time basis.  Randy and his wife, Grace, reside in Wilmington, NC.

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BRAX Ltd./Peter Hexter

        Founded CUI in 1980, a company that produced retail licensed (NFL, MLB, Collegiate, and entertainment) hard line goods offshore with offices in Hong Kong, China, and the US.  The company moved to Wilmington in 1985 and sold in 1998.

        Pete founded BRAX in late 1999, a virtual company with 5 employees and all services and manufacturing outsourced.  Brax moved back into licensed goods, but diversified into the 3 billion dollar school and youth sports fundraising market.  Brax moved all production on shore to Alabama and convinced the NFL, MLB, and roughly 100 colleges to allow BRAX to develop a fundraising channel of distribution.  Built primarily around a single product, Spirit Cups, BRAX has experienced 35% annualized growth for the past 7 years and now has 40 employees and is distributed in all 50 states.

Mort Neblett

            Mort Neblett is Managing Member of OFP Financial Partners, LLC. The company is registered with the office of the Secretary of State in North Carolina, and operates as a vehicle for Mr. Neblett, friends, and clients, to invest in early stage companies, and to invest in real estate development projects including land in Southeastern North Carolina. Mr. Neblett spent nearly four decades in the securities industry and has been an Allied Member of the New York Stock Exchange. He has also been an executive of two New York Stock Exchange Member Firms. He has enjoyed broad experience with IPO`s, ( Initial Public Offerings ). He has lived abroad and has travelled extensively on business dealings with Western and Middle Eastern financial institutions. He was mostly employed by Robinson-Humphrey & Co in Atlanta, Georgia during the decades of the 1970`s, 1980`s and early 1990`s. He has served of boards of Public and Private companies. Mr. Neblett has been a founding stockholder of three banks, been a partner of six venture capital partnerships, and is an active member of Cape Fear Angel Fund. He is also on the Advisory Board of the Cameron School of Business at the University of North Carolina/Wilmington. Mr Neblett is a partner of two residential real estate developments in Southeastern North Carolina. 

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