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5 out of 5 start...WOW.  What a great response from your son!


Real Mom Approved!!  Thanks for sharing the creativity because that's what's what Mungi Bands are all about!


You can be our promoter any day!  We are so glad your kids loved them!  


The Magnet strength did take a while to get right, so thank you for noticing!  


Thank you Parent Place for another great review!  We are so happy to hear how much FUN your kids had playing and trading with Mungi Bands!


Thanks for the Great review and I agree with the BORING OLD SILICONE BRACELETS that are currently on the market!  Time for a change and let the kids have FUN!


Great jewelry for girls AND BOYS!  Thank you for the great review and of course the holiday gift recommendation! 


Well when Mama speaks you listen!  Thank you to the Mama Report for a wonderful review.  We are so glad your daughter enjoyed them and it sounds like it inspired her creativity!  Thank you also for the gift recommendations!  


Check out the way these kids decorated their stuffed animals!  I agree, magnets are super FUN!


Building Mungi Bands into endless FUN!!  Also, great for gifts and party favors!  Thanks Elizabeth and Ashlynn!


Mungi Bands are great Holiday gift ideas!  Thanks for the great review!


What a great review...I guess a Mom does know best!


The Crazy House Reviews.  Now she knows products!


Check out this review by a lovely young soon to be top blogger!  Thanks for your great review Eva!


Here is a review from Kate and Kaboodle!  


A Time Out For Mommy!  I can't wait to hear about all the ways your kids Mungi!


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